1 1 On your Android main menu, locate the settings app.
2 2 Open the Settings app and click on security option.
3 3 In security options there will be a option “Unknown sources”. If “Unknown Source” is unchecked then please check it.
4 4 If you check the “Unknown sources”, you will get a message, click ok.
5 5 Now go to Google Chrome or some other browsers on your device.
6 6 Enter on the url bar at the top and click go.
7 7 Once SilentParent website is open, slide down at the end and click on android logo.
8 8 If you get any warning from your browser then click ok. Your download is now started. Once your downloading is complete open downloads and find the “silentparent.apk” file and click on it.
9 9 After clicking on the file, You will be presented with an Installation screen, click next.
10 10 Your app will begin installing, wait few seconds.
11 11 Once your app got installed click on open button and bottom right.
12 12 Your new app is now started perfectly. Click on accept button.
13 13 Now you will be shown with a Device Admin button, Click on it and follow instructions.
14 14 Now you will get a screen with “Enable Service” button click on it to enable the services.
15 15 Your app is now ready to be used, You can view app Status visit settings by clicking on it at the top right of the app.